Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The beginning.(Kevin's Story Part 1)

 After discovering Kevin's rare diagnosis I searched high and low for anyone who had gone through the same thing and had next to no luck.  As hard as this is to relive and continue to live I write this in hope that it will help just one other person and also as a sort of therapy for myself.  Although Kevin's life may be short I can't bear for his story to go untold.  I have chosen to start at the beginning and will continue to post updates as our story unfolds.

Scott and I discovered in the summer of 2015 that we were pregnant for the 5th time.  This news came just weeks after a very traumatic early miscarriage and we were both excited and scared to death about another pregnancy so soon.  We talked about it and decided not to share the news until we were past the 12 week mark.  A few weeks went by and in August of 2015, at about 10 weeks pregnant, I couldn't hold back the news any longer. I felt great and there were no signs of anything being awry in this pregnancy.  I was absolutely petrified at how I was going to care for 2 year old twins along with a new baby but none of that really mattered.  After battling secondary infertility to have the twins and a recent miscarriage, this baby felt like our own little miracle.  My excitement far outweighed my nerves and we decided to make the pregnancy public.

 I knew I wanted to find a special way to announce and after much deliberation came across the book What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby and instantly knew how I was going to go about it.  We recorded the moment we made the announcement to the kids and used this photo to share our news on Facebook.

 We were completely over the moon and still in shock that we would soon be the parents of 5 children!